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You can be anyone, any age and play rugby and have a complete blast playing it.
— Alev Kelter, USA Eagles, 2016 Olympic Team Member
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Teams for Girls & Boys


coed flag team for 2nd-4th grade


coed tackle team for 5th-6th grade


boys tackle team for 7th-8th grade

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girls tackle team for 7th-8th grade

Ease your son or daughter into a contact sport that takes its time to teach them how to tackle (and be tackled), and how to do it safely. Teach your daughter a contact sport that is the same as the boys’ game. Teach them a game that will find them friends anywhere in the world. Teach them a game that won’t fire things at their heads, or make them hit things with their heads. Teach them a game where everyone gets a touch of the ball. And teach them a game that still thinks humility is a good thing.
— Alex Goff, Goff Rugby Report

A Global Sport 

Rugby is a global game and Olympic sport  played in over 120 countries by 9.1 million people. It's the second most popular sport in the world behind soccer.


A Game for All

Rugby is played across the country and around globe by boys, girls, men and women of all ages. The game of rugby is all-inclusive, requiring teamwork and welcoming players of all shapes and sizes. There is position and role on the rugby pitch for every type of player.

I play rugby...because it’s an elegant and beautiful game, because of the people you can meet, because of the attitudes and camaraderie and personal growth. But there is...a reason that is more important than any of the rest - It’s so fun.
— Amy Perfors, MIT Women's Rugby

Rugby's Values

In 2009 the World Rugby member unions identified integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect as the defining character-building characteristics of rugby. These are now collectively known as the World Rugby values and are incorporated within the World Rugby Playing Charter, a guiding document aimed at preserving rugby’s unique character and ethos both on and off the field of play.